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「星期四」 Hello Thursday


hk 写道 "InfoQ上继续关注G1,前几天提到JAVA新的垃圾回收器只有购买支持后才能用,现在来自Sun的dannycoward解释这是一个误会。 并且Sun把原文从Although G1 is available for use in this release, note that production use of G1 is only permitted where a Java support contract has been purchased. G1 is supported thru Sun's Java Platform Standard Edition for Business program.改成了G1 is available as early access in this release, please try it and give us feedback. Usage in production settings without a Java SE for Business support contract is not recommended(意思是Sun不推荐用户在没有购买支持合同的情况下在产品中使用G1).当然似乎“误会”并没有消失。"

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